>You’ve Never Seen Team-Building Like This


Last week, while on a great press trip to Albuquerque, N.M. — so much cool-looking neon along Route 66! and hot-air balloons! and delicious chilies! — a former meetings-industry writer colleague sent me a link to this bizarre yet hilarious Groupon blog post about, um, clearly made-up team-building activities?  Team-building activities are beneficial, writes the Groupon blogger, because they “simultaneously [build] camaraderie and the opposite of camaraderie, loathing.”  Here are a couple of suggestions:

Bike to Work Week: Over the course of three days, all of which must be within the same week, two companies compete to see which can convince more employees to claim that they rode their bikes to the office. The winning company keeps the other company’s bikes.

Blood Drive: After donating blood, representatives from two companies race to consume the cookie they were given in exchange for their vital fluids. If both finish the cookie at the same time, they must give another quart of blood to earn a second cookie and race again.

Awesome.  For the full post, click here.

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  3. tips says:

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  4. Mielle says:

    >Interesting! These activities are really fun events.

    Thanks for sharing.
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