“Four Days in January”

The Billy in Kidbilly Music, Billy Kirsch.
Jacob Slaton Photography.

It’s been 18 months since we posted an interview with Billy Kirsch, a Grammy- and Emmy- nominated musician and president of Kidbilly Music, which creates music-based team-building and icebreaker sessions for conferences and events.

I asked him then if he had ever failed to connect with a group. “Honestly? No,” he said.  Some of us may have forgotten how inherently creative we are, but “we haven’t lost that creative ability, we’ve merely ceased to exercise the ability.”

Proof of which came last month during Kirsh’s session, “A Step by Step Process for Harnessing Your Creative Ability,” at 2013 Convening Leaders, when he led attendees as they wrote a song, “Four Days in January,” about the Convening Leaders experience in 90 minutes flat.

My favorite couplet is:

It’s the last day, I’m wearing two different socks

I don’t mind ‘cause the other’s at the Hard Rock

You can hear the whole song over on Kirsch’s blog, along with his perspective on the experience.

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